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Common Colon Conditions

Due to what you eat that may have affect how your digestive system works, it will affect your body as a whole. Remember that your digestive system, particularly the colon or the large intestine, is responsible for the release of our body’s solid wastes from our food intake.

When you are not careful of what we eat, it will affect your body’s natural limpieza de intestinos. And as a result, you might experience one of these colon conditions.

One common colon condition is diarrhea. Diarrhea is often caused by bacteria from the food we eat. These kinds of food may not be refrigerated or may have gone pass their expiration date before a person ate it. It can also be caused by virus that was passed from one person to another. Diarrhea with viral causes often goes with vomiting. But for the worst case scenario, diarrhea is often an underlying symptom of more complicated disease.

Limpieza de IntestinosAnother colon condition is called diverticulosis. It caused by the inflammation or infection of the pouches that has formed in the walls of the colon. This condition may be caused by a low-fiber diet. This means that the colon has worked harder to push the stool, which causes the pouches to form along the walls of the colon. Symptoms include belly pain and fever.

Shigellosis is more common among children and most likely to occur in summer. It is a food poisoning caused by shigella bacterium. It is often spread in places with poor sanitation, since a person will be infected when bacteria from stool is ingested. Its symptoms include diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps.

Fortunately, these colon conditions are treatable. But it is never okay to be sick because of anything. It is better to watch what you eat and help your bodies with limpieza de intestinos than suffer in the future because of a dirty colon.