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Quitting Prologue

Smoking is one of those life pleasures a person with a stressed life has. In order to be happy, we don’t have to take out much money from our wallets, or dig holes from our wallets. It should be cheap, because money should never cause trouble when we just want simple chilled out moments in our life.

Of all the vapour trail products, two of the cheapest products for new users who want to relax and quit smoking at the same time are Cig-A-Like and Vapouriser Starter Kits. Both products are for £29.99. But which one should you use?

The Cig-A-Like Starter Kit is hailed the “best small e-cigarette in UK” in 2013. Apparently, it is at its most convenient for light to medium smokers who want to have a lightweight rechargeable e-cigarette using batteries with the same size as cigarettes. The kit comes with 5 mixed coloured bungs to keep you up with different flavours.

Vapour TrailThe Vapouriser Starter Kit is for those who want to smoke for a long period of time. For a single-time battery charge, your smoking can last a whole day relaxation with its two 400mAh JAC 510 black batteries. Like the Cig-A-Like Starter Kit, it is also perfect for light to medium smokers. But unlike it, the kit doesn’t come with the mixed coloured bungs. Although, you can choose from tobacco or menthol e-liquids included in this kit.

These products, again, are for those who try to begin changing their lifestyle but find it hard to quit smoking. These products can help you with getting away with the vice at a very affordable price. But if you think you have tried it and thought you need some extra help, there are more vapour trail products that can cater your needs in different shapes and sizes at different prices.