Does Your Office Chair Hurt Your Back?

Sitting in the office chairs for a long duration causes our spinal discs to shift from their original position and back muscles to become stiff. Sitting in front of computers causes us to slouch or hunch our backs which over time leads to stiff neck, lack of mobility, and damages the overall spinal structure. That is why sitting is termed as “The New Smoking” of this generation which causes similar health hazards. Sitting over a long period of time causes cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, and heart-failure in some cases.

The quality of your chair is directly proportional to your health. There are hundreds of types of ergonomic chairs in the market and it can be difficult when you want to purchase one. Feet and Spine gives honest reviews about top quality ergonomic appliances that enable its customers to choose from a wide variety of chairs and other enhanced furniture items.

When choosing an ergonomic chair, make sure that you avail the maximum benefit from that product. RH Logic 400 is a modern ergonomic chair that is designed to provide superior comfort and flexibility for many years to come. With advanced functions and its multiple features this product has become one of the most likeable in the Europe. With its adjustable neck and back rest options it promotes a healthy spinal health and one can sit on this chair for at least 8 hours without feeling a thing in the back muscles or joints. Read the manual given along with the product or check out the website of Feet and Spine for a better insight about its functions and limitations. This ergonomic chair is the most adaptable chair out there which can serve to people of all body types, genders, or age groups.


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