Reconstructive Surgeries

Many people assume that plastic surgery is merely a cosmetic procedure that people use only to change their physical aspects, like getting work done on their nose through rhinoplasty, women getting the size of their breasts increased through breast augmentations, getting unwanted extra fat cut out through liposuctions, or cutting loose skin through tummy tucks. Plastic surgery is mostly just thought of as a process for the rich and the famous to get their look changed and try to look youthful even in their older age. However that is not the only thing that plastic surgery can be or is used for. Plastic surgery has a big role to play when it comes to helping people through reconstructive surgery. Of the people who might get reconstructive plastic surgery done are victims of car accidents, cancer patients, and those who have been born with a defect in their respiratory system requiring surgery to fix their breathing problems. Read on as we discuss some of the procedures that the best plastic surgeons in San Antonio TX can do to help people who need reconstructive surgery.

A common reconstructive surgery is the breast reconstruction that is usually done on women who have gone through breast cancer. The procedure is done after the removal of one or both breasts, known as a mastectomy, a process which is often stressful for many women and leaves them feeling incomplete. Through breast reconstruction they can go back to having natural looking breasts and feel whole again.

Another surgery is the rhinoplasty surgery done to help people who have blocked nasal passages, because of some accident or through a birth defect, which causes breathing problems for the individual. Reshaping the nose so that the nose is no longer permanently blocked can help people breath without any issue and not fear suffocation.


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