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For those of you who do not know about varicose vein stripping, it is a procedure where varicose veins in the legs or in the thighs are removed through a surgical procedure. The varicose veins are the visible veins mostly found in the legs and thigh region. They are seen through the skin and are often bluish purple or red in color and are most commonly puffy and twisted in shape. While most commonly found in the legs and thighs, varicose veins can also form in other parts of the body.

The reason these veins might form in the legs or the thighs, or really any other part of the body, is because the veins of that region of the body might not be working properly as they won’t be pushing the blood properly. Veins are designed in a way that they only let blood move in one direction, towards the heart, and prevent the blood from flowing backwards. For that the veins have a sort of a shut off valve that prevents the blood moving backwards. However when this system of valves in the veins fails, it creates varicose veins; the blood stays in the veins and does not move towards the heart. Since the valves are still present the blood stays in place and causes the veins to puff up and become visible through the skin. The puffed up swollen veins can become a painful experience for any person who has it. It can become painful to walk or sit up straight, and over time it may even hurt to lie down.

The Secret Vein Clinic specialized in varicose vein stripping, it is an easy way to get rid of these veins and prevent them from popping back up as well so you will not have to worry anymore.


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